>Rosa Eskenazy

Rosa Eskenazy is one of the best female singer of Rebetiko, the music of the Greek underground…

This recordings were made late in her career, in the 1950’s in Istanbul. It’s not the regular bouzouki sound of Rebetiko but in the more orchestred style, with oud, violin, percussion, etc… Enjoy
http://www.mediafire.com/file/rdmzkzz3zwm/Roza Eskenazy Greek Oriental Songs The recordings in Istanbul, 1954.zip
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  1. >Hi, I’d love to grab this…but the link didn’t work! any help?thanks,Haji Maji

  2. >Hi Haji Maji, i just checked the link ( just copy and paste) and it seems to work. I just stated this blog and i’m new to this kind of things, so if it doesn’t work, tell me and i’ll try another way of uploading my files.

  3. >this seems to be a problem with several of your links. The address is correct, so copy and paste works, but clicking on the link doesn’t work because it adds the address to the end of your blog address. I wonder if you’re putting quote marks (”) around it or a slash (/) before it?

  4. >I really don’t know what happens because on my computer the links are working fine but i checked with my brother’s computer and it was not working at all…Maybe the mediafire site is not so great or i did something wrong…

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