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On my last post, i talked briefly of Shanachie Records, who started by issuing lots of irish music, contemporary and of the past. Here’s a fine compilation of recordings by one of the greatest irish fiddler of all time, Michael Coleman http://www.colemanirishmusic.com/history.php 
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  1. >This is great stuff. Interesting how piano accompaniment was much more common in the older generation of Irish music. It’s almost gone in the modern stuff.Track 8 – Dougherty’s (Jigs) seems to be missing though, unless it’s grouped with another track.

  2. >there is no file to download can yuo please re_up. Congratulations on a ggeat blog.

  3. >Hi, i love your blog,a fantastic source of great music, there is no file to download here though, could you upload this again, thanks.

  4. >Got the same issue as Snakey, You just reach Mediafire's page and no files or folders can be selected for download.

  5. >This file must have disappeared from Mediafire some time ago. I browsed your shared files, Gadaya, and found most records, but not "The Legacy of Michael Coleman". So either it has been deleted or only was up for a short time in 2008 before taken down.Regards.

  6. >Yes i have to reupload it…. Maybe soon; i let you know..

  7. >Great! Thanks for the fast answer! You know, most of your uploads work very well, but it seems Mediafire/upload sometimes don't work properly for all. If it isn't too much trouble, you could also check your last upload – "Norman Edmonds", it would be good to know if there is something wrong with my computer or something else. Thanks and Good Luck on your new Blog (or Weblog).

  8. I first heard of Michael Coleman at a music school in Ireland. Unfortunately, the link to the media is broken.

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