>Ukrainian-American Fiddle & Dance Music


These recordings of traditionnal dance music, recorded in America between 1926 and 1936 by ukrainian immigrants, sounds as lively and joyful as any american old-time string band music or irish music from the same period. So if you like traditionnal fiddle music, take a listen and be ready to dance and rejoice with these incredible music.

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  1. >Que de belles et bonnes choses sur ton blog…Bonne continuation, l’ami, et fais nous découvrir d’autres petites merveilles comme celles déjà en place.

  2. >This is amazing. I never would nave thought to pick this up, but I’m glad I downloaded it. It kind of reminds me of Hadigner’s Fiddle. Some of the double stops are pretty wild. Anybody know if they’re using alternate tunings?

  3. >I have no clue what tuning they’re in…but it’s an evil one! Like the hardanger fiddlers, this is devil-music — just listen to the howls and churchbells in Pyesna O Bodnarevnye. Wild wild deep forest music! This kind of joyful madness can’t be faked! It could only come from Eastern Europe.

  4. >Thanks for this and several others I’ve downloaded from your blog. I looked at this record a million times at a store I worked at, and must have even thrown it on to check it out, but it never got me enough to bring it home. I know better now.

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