>Holly Tannen & Pete Cooper- Frosty Morning


After a few weeks far from home i’m back for a new post, another fine folk lp from my collection that i want to share with you. “Frosty Morning” is a collaboration between an american dulcimer player and singer, Holly Tannen, and a english fiddle player, Pete Cooper. (Martin Simpson plays guitar on some tracks also);It was recorded in England in 1979 and issued by Plant Life Records. The record is a good mix of musics i love: American and Irish fiddle tunes, traditionnal ballads and old-timey american songs, an elizabethan lute piece played on the mountain dulcimer, etc… The duo had recorded only this album together but you can check their websites (click on their names) to learn more about them and their music. 
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  1. >oh gadaya, your posts always hit the spot! i’ve been nuts about dulcimer music the past couple weeks, ever since hearing the John Molineaux in fact. I got some used dulcimer lps at the shop which i’ll post as soon as my turntable works again. thanks!

  2. >My Bloghttp://www.wretch.cc/blog/markaceyThanks for your shareNice to meet youHsinchu, Taiwan

  3. >Got anymore dulcimer albums up your sleeve? I'm loving this!

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