>Old Originals Vol.1 & 2


Here’s a two-offer this week, two out-of-print lps from Rounder Records called “Old Originals” and subtitled “Old-time instrumental music recently recorded in North Carolina and Virginia”.

It’s a great collection of field recordings made by Tom Carter and Blanton Owen in 1976, who went to The Blue Ridge Mountains in search of old-time musicians. The selections are mostly fiddle or banjo (and sometimes the two together) but ther’s also some fife and drum music, harmonica, autoharp, and some really nice old-time piano (the best i heard since Hobart Smith).
Lovers of real and authentic old-time music should enjoy this two records very much.
I provided in the zip file a pdf document of the booklet for each disc, with notes, photographs and tuning.
Download Here vol.1
Download Here vol.2
P.S:There will be no other posts here and on my other blogs until March because i’ll travel in India for the next few weeks, so see you and enjoy the music…
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  1. >Thank you for another great post with great music.Have a good trip to India. DeleuranFrom Denmark

  2. >Wow. I'm only three songs into this and it's already blowing me away. Thanks so much!

  3. >Hi, Quite fantastic music! Thank you.On one of your other sites you posted a track from an album titled "Chinese Masters of Guqin", and I was curious if it were possible to obtain the full album? I enjoy Chinese music of this sort as it reminds me of Malian music in many respects.Thank you!wassoulou.blogspot.com

  4. >hey thanks for the great blog post. I play old time banjo, so this is right up my alley.if you have some time you should check out my folk music blog.thepursuitoffolk.blogspot.comthanks for looking 🙂

  5. >I can't wait to listen to this, thanks!

  6. >hey, welcome back! it sounds like you had an amazing time. and yes, i do know about amma, and I'd heard of Auroville, but the Sadhana forest was new to me. I would love to go to India some day, visit these places and immerse myself in the month-long festival of Carnatic music and everything. Haven't found the right time, but I'm glad you did.blessings upon you, kindred spirit, and i hope we meet in person some day

  7. >I copied these from a fiddler-friend/mentor when I was first starting to play the banjo. The tapes have traveled across the country ad back several times are are mostly worn out. So great to have them digitally now! Thanks. (And I finally have a copy of the last track on the B-side of volume 2! Never fit on the tape sadly.)

  8. >some of my favorite commercially released field recordings of southern appalachian music ever! Had I known you'd come along and do this, I wouldn't have digitized my own vinyl of this stuff a few months ago. Oh well…

  9. >Simply beeeyouutiful.

  10. >fantastic stuff, good recording quality, and the notes by Blanton Owen (Fuzzy Mtn String Band) are nice and detailed and give the tunings. thanks for keeping these hard-to-find recordings available. -6string

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