Peggy Seeger (with her family and Tom Paley)

Here are two out-of-print albums featuring Peggy Seeger, another talented member of the Seeger family clan. The first one was recorded in 1957, before Peggy moved to England (she would spend most of her musical life there with her husband Ewan McColl). She’s accompanied with her two younger sisters Penny and Barbara. Together they sang the many folk songs they heard at home, while their parents transcribed them from field recordings. Many are children’s songs, play-parties songs and lullabies. They accompany themselves with banjo, autoharp and guitar.

The Three Sisters



The second lp, from 1965, was recorded with Tom Paley, after he left the New Lost City Ramblers and came to live in England. It’s a great collection of folk songs, played with guitar, banjo, autoharp and mountain dulcimer.

Tom Paley & Peggy Seeger 



Appleseed records issued lately a new record by Peggy Seeger with brother Mike called “Fly Down Little Bird”. It would be the last recordings Mike Seeger made before he passed away last year. Peggy and Mike wanted to record once again the folk songs they learned in their childhood, when mother Ruth Crawford Seeger would play field recordings from The Library of Congress over an over to transcribe them for songbooks. Most of the songs were recorded in 2008 at Mike’s home and this is really a “Close to Home” album. As Peggy said on the back of the disc, these are not “Children’s songs” but “Grown-up songs” as “we grew up on them”. The singing and playing of Mike and Peggy is really outstanding in its (apparent) simplicity and joyfulness. They revive this old songs with an elegant spirit and an authentic feel that is hard to match these days. This is easily one of the best folk record issued this year and a great testimony of Mike Seeger’s unique contribution to American Folk Music.

Listen to “The Dodger’s Song” , “Cindy” and “Blood Stained Banders”

-Visit Peggy Seeger’s website (you can buy “Fly Down Little Bird” there and read the lyrics of the songs)

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  1. The Peggy Seeger and Tom Paley record is fantastic. I came across it on iTunes for around 8 or 9 bucks, and was very pleased. It has a nice mix of droning, lonesome tunes and more melodic stuff. Peggy and Tom’s voices blend quite well together, and Tom shows his mastery on both banjo and guitar. Highlights for me are “Love Henry,” “Kicking Mule,” “The Heartless Lady,” and “Who’s That Knocking At My Window?” but it’s a great album top to bottom.

  2. gracias por subir música tan hermosa. Greetings from Argentina!

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